This was a custom role play video made for someone while on a train, but the concept was so hot that I hope it happens for real one day. I was on a sleeper (overnight) train traveling up to London which has two people per cabin. I was lucky enough to share mine with a young guy, although we didn’t really talk as he went straight to bed on the bunk above me. Of course I get horny, mainly by the idea of being so close and alone to a completely random guy so I decided to see if I could make myself cum while the stranger slept above me. During the filming, I heard him stir, I get scared but even more horny as I imagine him listening to me masturbate. But then I see him take a step down down the ladder and reality sinks in and I stop what I am doing and cover up my naked body. Seeing him though, in his tight boxers with what looked like a big bulge underneath, made me feel like I just had to take my chance… after all, what was the worst that could happen. So I reached out to rub it – he jumps at first and retreats – needless to say he had a change of heart and came back for more.

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