This Shower Video start with me Naked and ready to take a Shower, I go inside the shower and put the water in a nice warm temperature, when I got the water in the temperature I want it is time to use the Shower Head and make all my Naked body Wet with the water. I start with my legs, get up to my boobies and then my arms put it wet with the water, I’m sitting in a banquette in the Shower making all my Naked body wet, touching my Naked body while I get more and more wet, give it to you an idea to how I look when I take a Erotic Shower and my body is wet for the water. Once I have my legs, belly, boobies and arms wet I get over my knees and make my booty wet give it to you a Wet Look to my back! Also I stand under the shower and finish to make all my Naked body super Wet, leaving the water drop over my hair and face! Moving my Naked body I give you a great view to me in all angles possible! After you had a Wet Look to my Naked body I sit again in the banquette the Shower have but is time to play with my wet legs, open and close it, touch my wet boobies and play a little bit with my kitty, while I do all this you can hear the water running in the Shower and the music in the background! Through all this video you have a totally Wet Look to my Naked Body in the Shower in a Erotic way because I leave the shower door open so you can cum inside and take a Shower too! lol ^.^:@ // If you like to saw a natural body girls and appreciate the art and beautiful in her feminity, you going to have a great time with this video! Also If you like the way the water look over a naked body! // This is a Erotic Nude Shower!!

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