A-Tier Video] [Plot]; Our city’s heroines are held captive and it’s up to Madoka to resort to less than dignified ways to save her friends. Will her sanity prevail or will she find a new kind of corruption tainting her Soul Gem? Background music is taken from the anime soundtrack Update: This is no longer available. I keep it here only for archiving and SEO purposes. That’s why I changed the price to $350. Optionally, you can still obtain this by buying it at that price. This video was originally not meant for ManyVids. I started selling on MV in March of 2016 (despite my account being secured and created a year before that) and I had to use this video to get it started. Since then, my quality has gone way up so I do not like this video representing my current quality. That is why I took this down by putting the price up to $349.99

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