I recently traveled to Vegas to take part in the AVN convention/award ceremony. It was a wonderful experience and I had so much fun peeing and cumming all over everything that I came into contact with! I was in my hotel room and the urge to pee came upon me. So I grabbed my camera and set it up on the tripod. I turned on my camera and started quickly stripping off my clothes because I really had to pee. It seems the minute that I think about peeing, the urge goes from a dull indicator to a ROARING SCREAM! So I am squealing, holding my pussy, and rushing around to get everything ready to record this pee for you! Finally I am ready, so I let go of my pussy, and that very instant the pee starts squirting out of me! You can hear it spray out of me and the noise as it hits the carpeted floor. I get into it and start swiveling my hips all around to cover the floor. Finally the pee ends and I let out a sigh of relief haha! I walk over towards to camera, pull up on the my pussy, and let you watch the last few drops falling from my hairy pussy. I end up plopping my butt down onto the floor and again bring you in close to look at the drops of pee that are dangling from the hair on my pussy. I moan a bit and whisper to you, “I feel so much better”. Once that urge comes on, it is like a giant wave that I can’t stop! Finally I get up and run over to the other side of the hotel room. I get so giddy after I finish doing something naughty like peeing on a hotel room’s carpet! I go over and grab the curtains for the balcony and use them to wipe off my wet pussy! Then I show you the big wet spot I left on them LOL! I wanted to make sure that I got every last little bit of pee that was caught in my bush. Then I start talking to you about the rush that happens the moment I decide that I want to film a pee. The second I start thinking about peeing, my body makes me feel as though I am going to explode! It goes from being just fine to extreme desperation in seconds! It is really frustrating while I am in public or driving around, because I am not always right next to a toilet haha! I continue to talk to you, while I set the camera down and start teasing you with my naked body. I didn’t put you in a tripod, I just set you on a table, so you keep sliding off of it! So I keep talking to you about peeing and how it makes me so hot to pee on a random carpet or in a public area for you. I start getting turned talking about all of this. When I am peeing, I think about you out there playing with your cocks for me, and that makes me so wet. I start to slide a few fingers into myself while I continue to tell you what I am thinking. The camera is angled so that I am basically standing above you and the damn thing keeps wiggling around on me! I hadn’t planned all this when I initially started filming this video, so I didn’t have a tripod prepared or anything! I finally get you set in place and start finger banging myself. You can hear my pussy sloshing as my fingers move in and out of me! Right as I am about to cum, I lean in close and look you right in the eyes. Then I pick up the camera and bring you up close to my pussy, so you could hear how soaked I am while I finger fuck myself. I whisper to you, “Make me cum again”… This time I just hold the camera in my hand and keep you up close watching my fingers fuck my wet pussy. You can hear how soaked my pussy has gotten, sloshing every time I pull my fingers in and out. And then I cum again for you, screaming, “Oh yeah, right there, right theeerrreeee!!!” The camera was right next to my pussy, so you continue to hear to sloshing noises. You can hear my heavy breathing as I bring you in close to spread open my soaked pussy. Then I fall onto my bed, worn out from that amazing session! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did

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